What is Lockerz?

Lockerz is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and community. Watch exclusive video, discover new music, play games, connect with friends, and get rewarded for it. The more often you visit, the more opportunities you have to earn PTZ (or “Pointz”), Lockerz’ own form of currency. Lockerz was founded in March, 2009.
Lockerz.com is the place to go to buy the coolest stuff at the lowest prices, watch exclusive video, discover new music, play the hottest games, hang out with your friends - and get rewarded for just about EVERYTHING you do on the site.

Too Good to Be True? Why are they doing this? To thank you for joining early. To build a Lockerz community of cool, stylish, cutting-edge people who love to buy great brands. To give you a taste of how PTZ will work when they go live this fall. And to test out different prizes and PTZ levels. That’s key.

Lockerz is set to launch sometime in the Fall 09.

Members who sign up now will get to explore and help shape the site before the launch.



This site Is not affilated with lockerz.com or its partners in any way. This site is only fior personal invite use only.

Terms of Agreement:

Anyone working for lockerz.com or thier partners or associated with Lockerz.com in anyway may not use this site.